2019 Melbourne Residency

Dark Horse Experiment : Translated Melbourne

In this exhibition, throughout each artist’s viewpoints, present different forms of observation from foreign residence. From the beginning to the end, lots of information squeeze in several kinds of map, waiting us to identify for adapting local lives, like translation, we all have personal version to announce the impression of this city.

Sabrina Chen’s works continue her long-term concerns of inner universe, using the same motive to create place-specific works. Using the human cells tissue as basic setting, translate the city construction, street, lane, like blood flow, into tissue form. Trying to capture the rhythm and order is the top issue of her carrying, in order to keep the oriental tradition, maintain the method of paper cutting and arrange the certain empty area, which can discover in many traditional Chinese paintings.

Leon Wu’s works focus on different angles of seeing, from overlooking to elevation, from modern building to street lane, like a collection of locals and moments, combine and displace at the same time, due to the change of environment, Leon’s works develop a new form including mixed media and method, in order to adapt the new place and cultural.

Representation can be conclude as Hazel Hu’s works, using the pink pigment as metaphors to discover herself and soul. Create the surrealism atmosphere images.

Ginny Zhan’s works try to capture the local symbols as marks, like a Melbourne folk. Extending her affection of food-fairytale, using wood plate engraving. Mix old and new works to participate this exhibition.

To summarize this period, all these works can be considered as multi-layer experiment from different setting, like a reflex and combination from our time in Melbourne.

Melbourne Residency
Locations | The Blender Studios (33-35 Dudley Street, West Melbourne, VIC3003, AU)
Date | August 01-September 02, 2019
Exhibitions | October 16 – October 19, 2019
Sabrina Chen, Leon Wu, Hazel Hu, Ginny Zhan

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